The HIGH PRIESTESS is a collection of 12 compositions for Breath, Birth, and Re-Birth. This project assembled as a soundtrack for negotiating conscious birth was originally composed for theatre, dance, and live performance. These provocative works drawing from contemporary, tribal, Asian, and Arabic influences with percussion, synthesizer, and flute throughout have been found specifically helpful for labor and delivery. Enjoyed during the pregnancy the expectant parents and the child in utero are invited to breathe, move, and dance toward being. It is hoped that you find these melodies as helpful for the celebration of your own new life as we have for ours.

The HIGH PRIESTESS is a retrospective of works that have been remastered for this project. The album has been carefully scored to mirror the experience of birth and rebirth. The compositions are welcoming enough to invite the newborn, powerful enough to hold the intensity of delivery, and evocative enough to be useful for breathwork.

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